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        Your True Self is a perfect, complete, totally healthy,     
               infinitely loving spiritual being residing within                 your Consciousness. It is an integral part of the Infinite   
        Cosmic Consciousness which pervades everything         
   and contains us all. We can never be separated from our   
           Creator or from each other. We are One, Forever.        

Your True Self is an Everlasting, Eternal, Spiritual Being made of Pure Love Energy. We are not in close contact with our True Self because we have allowed It to be overshadowed by our ego, with which we are almost completely identified. Our ego is the part of our Soul which we created, and which does not want to follow the divine guidance within us. Therefore, it is the seat of our perceived imperfections. As a result of our indentification with our egos, we feel separate, alone, and afraid.

All our fear, anxiety, depression, compulsiveness, and addictions come from identification with our egos. Our True Self feels none of these.
It knows only total bliss.
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I am a licensed spiritual psychotherapist who was in private practice in Sherman Oaks, California for twenty-eight years, now relocated to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. 
I'm also the author
 of spiritual, self-help books.
HI Productions is my publishing company.

To connect to our Spiritual Center, we need to recognize that we are all spiritual beings created by an infinitely loving Supreme Being who has created us out of His/Her own limitless Energy of Love, and has given us an abundance of gifts, including All of Her/Himself. Many of us call this Supreme Being by the name of God, but the name is not important. His/Her "true" name is "I AM" and She/He has placed
All that He/She is and has within each of us.

In the material world, the God within us is overshadowed by our egos to whom we have relinquished most of the Infinite Power given to us by God, the Supreme Being, our Creator. Our tasks here on Earth are to reclaim the power we have given to our egos, to realize that, at our Spiritual Center, we have an indestructible inner connection to the Supreme Power, and to recognize what we have so long forgotten, that our True Nature is the Pure Energy of Perfect Love.

Please understand that this philosophy I espouse is a spiritual one which is totally non-religious and non-sectarian. It applies to and underlies all religions. It does not need any particular sect or religion for its immediate application in our lives, and yet it can be practiced within the framework of most existing religions, if desired.

These concepts are further elaborated in my books and CD's.
Please feel free to browse this site at your leisure. Thank you for visiting. We will add to the Reflections page at periodic intervals.

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