More Reflections

More Reflections

Your True Self is a perfect, complete, totally healthy, infinitely loving, spiritual energy being residing within your Consciousness. It is an Integral part of the Infinite Cosmic Consciousness which pervades everything and contains us all. We can never be separated from our Creator or from each other, We are One, Forever.

Your True Self is an Everlasting, Eternal, Spiritual Being. We are not in close contact with our True Self because we have allowed it to be overshadowed by our ego, with which we are almost completely identified. We believe we are our ego who is the seat of perceived imperfections within us. As a direct result of our identification with our ego, we feel separate, alone, and afraid.

All our fear, anxiety, depression, compulsiveness, and addictions come from our identification with our egos. Our True Self feels none of these. It feels only total bliss.

Love, joy, and peace to you all,

— Jerry


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