Further Reflections

Further Reflections

You are a beautiful child of your Creator. You were created as a perfect, spiritual being and will remain so forever. The infinite love of your Creator has been poured into you. All that you need for your evolution toward that perfect being that is You, is already within you. The Master Creator has placed it there for you to discover during your journey. The discovery of this treasure within you is your journey. This journey to the Perfection that you already are is the real evolution. The "I" that you are is innocent, complete, pure, and perfect because what the Loving Creator creates can never be altered. That is who you are and will be forever.

The infinitely Loving Power is never negative, only positive. He/She does not judge, criticize, punish, or condemn. This Power only loves us unconditionally, supports us, nurtures us, and makes His/Her Infinite Power available for our benefit, both individual and collective. This Power is One, and we are One with It.

Each of us has also been given the wonderful gift of free will which many of us use very poorly or not at all. We have used our will to create an ego which is the individual, self-centered part of ourselves, and which does not accept the will of our Creator, but rather wants to control its own destiny and the lives of as many people as possible. The ego is looking for earthly power which it can place under its control. If it cannot do this, it becomes apathetic, and surrenders to the nearest power available: a person or organization, a substance such as alcohol or drugs, or a situation where the ego feels trapped.

The ego is the champion of separation from the One Supreme Loving Power. It wants to be its own supreme power who answers to no one. This pursuit of the ego seems to create havoc wherever it goes.

The solution to our current life of struggle and suffering is for our ego to recognize that it creates the predicament in which it finds itself, and to surrender to the Supreme Power who wants nothing but the good of all. Our Higher Power's will is for us to reflect His/Her perfection in pure love and compassion for each other, to live in peace and harmony with ourselves and each other, and to express the full creative powers given us by this Supremely Loving Being.

Love, joy, and peace to you all,

— Jerry

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